Pronunciation: Stee-nuh Hex
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Navy Blue
Hair Color: Brown

Bio: Stina can be hard to like, and she prefers it that way. She's not looking to be Miss Popular, because most people aren't worth her time—and someone should definitely think twice before they mess with her. Especially Dex. Sure, her family's had a few scandals over the years, but that doesn't change how important they are. After all, they're single-handedly making sure unicorns remain a thriving species—and Stina's a huge part of that. Maybe it's not as fancy as the Vackers, but who cares about the Vackers, anyway? That family has gone majorly downhill since they started wasting so much time on Sophie Foster—and don't even get Stina started on Sophie. As far as Stina's concerned, Sophie Foster is the most overrated thing to hit Foxfire since the boring Great Gulon Incident.

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