Dexter Alvin Dizznee (Dex)

Pronunciation: Dex Diz-nee
Aliases: Dex, Dexinator, Captain Blueberry, Deck, Gears, Dexy
Quick Relation to Sophie: Best Friend
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Periwinkle
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

Bio: Dex immediately becomes Sophie’s best friend, and takes it upon himself to help her find her way through her complicated new world. He doesn’t have a special ability when Sophie meets him, but she can tell he’s incredibly talented—especially at alchemy—despite the fact that many people unfairly underestimate both him and his family. A true prankster at heart, he always does what he can to make Sophie laugh—though sometimes he wishes he could make her feel something…more. Hard as he tries to hide it, he can’t help having a huge crush on her, and is less-than-thrilled to find himself in a competition with Fitz—and maybe Keefe—to gain Sophie’s attention.

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