Pronunciation: Keefe Sen-sin
Aliases: Keefster, Lord Hunkyhair, That Boy
Quick Relation to Sophie: Friend/Love Interest
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: Blonde

Bio: Keefe is Foxfire Academy’s ultimate troublemaker—though of course he claims he had nothing to do with “The Great Gulon Incident.” Confident and cute, with infamously awesome hair, he’s always ready with a joke—whether the situation calls for it or not. But those close to him know that his smiles often hide the heavier things he’s struggling with, like his less-than-awesome family. He’s Fitz’s best friend, but he also feels a strong connection to Sophie—and not just because he loves teasing her. His ability as an Empath allows him to read her feelings, which makes him understand her in ways no one else can. And he’s always there when she needs him, even if he sometimes makes questionable decisions.

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